About London Coffee Blog

“Coffee is a language in itself.” – Jackie ChaN

I was never the one who took coffee breaks in office, coffee was never my cup of tea, well even tea wasn’t my cup of tea. I cannot stand tea.

But things changed, when I moved to London. Before I knew, I was buying hot cups of coffee to feel better in rainy, cold English days and sooner than later, I was addicted. Well, addicted is a strong term, but I developed a liking for coffee. And thus started a quest to explore the cute little independent coffee shops that London has.

On my sojourns, comes V, who is not exactly a coffee connoisseur (neither am I) but he provides for a great company, clicks some of the pictures for the blog and loves food.

So sit back, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the blog.

If you have been to a coffee shop that you think I should absolutely visit and write about, please mail me on londoncaffeine@gmail.com.


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